Check out Olympos Before or After Your Fethiye – Olympos Blue Cruise

If your next trip to Turkey includes a blue cruise along the magnificent Turquoise coast, be sure to take a few days to experience the wonders of Olympos before or after your voyage (cruises travel in both directions, to and from the charming port town of Fethiye). Only a 1 ½ hour ride from Antalya, Turkey’s 8th largest city, Olympos is easy to reach and full of things to see and do.

The ancient city of Olympos is a well-preserved representation of the past and is only a few minutes walk from a stunning beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. The secluded nearby village is full of affordable accommodation and home-cooked Turkish food. Olympos will easily prove itself to be one of the best decisions you made during your adventure in Turkey.

Getting There

Minivan rides from Antalya to Olympos are affordable and enjoyable, meandering along the coastal road with some magnificent views. If Olympos is the first stop on your Blue Cruise, this is the best way to arrive. Private cars can also be hired and your reserved accommodation in Olympos may offer this service. However, if you Blue Cruise ends in Olympos, the reverse trip is just as efficient. Similar minivan services are provided from other nearby coastal towns such a Kas and Demre.

Ancient City

Olympos was one of the ancient cities of Lycia and is ideally located in a river valley alongside the coast. The ruins are part of Olympos Beydaglari National Park and are open for exploration for a small fee (which also includes entrance to the beach). You can explore the ancient bathouse, amphitheater, and countless remains of buildings that served as communal areas, temples, and homes.

Olympos Beach

Olympos Beach is a long, stony stretch with the ruins of the ancient city on the west end and the hamlet of Cirali to the east. It is a pleasant destination year round and during the summer you can find it full with sunbathers, swimmers, and brave souls jumping from the nearby rocks that jut out high from the sea. Sellers walk back and forth, settling cold drinks and typical Turkish snacks of corn, mussels, and baked goods.

Unique Accommodation

Olympos is known for its backpacker vibe which has added to the preferred style of accommodation in the valley. Small bungalows known as tree houses can be seen along the main road that leads through town. Many offer AC, wifi, and two meals a day and provide the ideal break from long days in the sun.

Trekking, Watersports, & ATV Tours

If lounging on the beach is not of interest, Olympos has many options for those looking for a more active getaway. Olympos is full of mountain trails, perfect for trekking or ATVing with local guides. The 500km Lycian Way passes directly through Olympos and day hikers can follow the route to their liking. In town you can also find tours to the Chimera eternal flames located on a mountainside about 7 kilometers from Olympos. You will find options to do this hike in its entirety as well as to take a minivan ride for the majority of the way. Kayaking is also a great option when visiting the beach. By kayak, you can explore the coastline up close, discovering caves and ruins unreachable by land.

So if you leave a few days after your Fethiye to Olympos Blue Cruise (or vice versa), you will not regret your decision to stay and explore Olympos. It is a quiet and secluded getaway filled with history and natural beauty. This gem of southern Turkey is not to be missed.

Bodrum Blue Cruise: The top places and beaches to visit on a gulet

With so many beautiful places and beaches to explore, and Bodrum itself being a highlight of the area, blue cruises that traverse this part of Turkey are full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation.Many gulet cruise Turkey routes begin and end in this port town so leave a few days before or after your reservation to explore the rich culture and history that Bodrum has to offer. Bodrum was previously an ancient Greek city known as Halicarnassus. The castle of St. Peter overlooks the harbor and it partly constructed from the remains of a mausoleum that once stood in its place before it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. Bodrum has an interesting mixture of the historical, the bohemian, and the modern. Take a water along the marina to the west or along a long stretch of beach lined with shops, cafes, and bars to the east.

Gulf of Gokova: Islands, Bays, and Villages

Gokova is an area full of must-see places, including Turkish islands, striking bays, and charming villages. The Seven Islands and Orak Island are remote and untouched and are ideal for diving, snorkeling, and wandering on land. The English Harbor is another hidden gem. It is a bay, lush with greenery and calm water that is perfect for swimming. Sedir Island is filled with ancient ruins and the sandy and relaxing Cleopatra beach where you can easily spend a day exploring. The ruins provide the atmosphere of an open air museum and you can walk around freely to discover the artifacts and ancient amphitheater. Karacasogut village is a popular stop along the coast. The village is only 25km from Marmaris and is a lovely place to explore the local  shops and cafes.

North and South Greek Islands and the Turkish Aegean Coast

Depending on which Bodrum gulet cruise you choose, the nearby Greek islands might be on your itinerary. Visitors have a choice between two major routes – through either the north or south Greek islands. These routes also make stops along the Aegean Turkish coast, creating the perfect combination of Greek and Turkish culture in one relaxing holiday. The northern gulet route travels to the islands of Kos, Aspat, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Xerokampos. The island of Kos is a highlight along this route, it is only 4 kilometers from Bodrum and is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates. Sandy beaches, rich history, and a vibrant nightlight attract visitors to the island throughout the summer. The remaining island stops along this route are filled with lush greenery, beautiful beaches, and local culture and history. Turgutreis and Aspat, both in Turkey, are also included on this route.. Turgutreis is the second largest city on the Bodrum peninsula and the climate is ideal for windsurfing. The beach here is also a great place to spend the day and many charming nearby villages are only a short minibus ride away. Aspat is one of these villages. Aspat Bay is a small and quiet place with a view reachable by a narrow path leading to a stunning panorama of the area. Hikers will love this stop and for those interested more in a relaxing time, the bay also has a small and secluded beach to enjoy.

The southern route also makes a stop at Kos but makes further stops at Symi and Rhodes, two very popular holiday destinations in the area. Symi is a small island, less than an hour from Rhodes. It has colorful buildings that have been restored according to strict regulations. It is a mountainous island and there is plenty of history and nature to experience.  Although it is ideal to visit Rhodes as part of a relaxing gulet cruise, it is also easily accessible by ferries making daily trips from Fethiye, Turkey. Rhodes is a much larger island with over 140 miles of coastline. The port town is full of restaurants, bars, and shops, with a castle and archaeological museum within walking distance. Be sure to join a tour group or rent a vespa so that you can explore the rest of the island and perhaps even the vibrant nightlife in the nearby town of Lindos.

Regardless of which route you choose, you are sure to enjoy your Bodrum Blue Cruise. All options include fabulous sights and food, and relaxing spots to enjoy the natural beauty that will surround you throughout each hour of the day.

Blue Cruise Routes to Take From Marmaris

As the largest harbor in Turkey, there are plenty of options for your Blue Cruise from Marmaris. Many cruises either begin or end in Marmaris, providing an ideal opportunity to explore this coastal town before or after embarking on your Mediterranean adventure.It is a bustling port town and has much to offer in the new center as well as in old town that surrounds the castle. Cruises depart and arrive daily and your options are limitless, particularly if you might be considering a chartered blue voyage for your private group. However, there are plenty of cabin cruises also available with predetermined routes that explore many of the following destinations.

Marmaris to Fethiye to Marmaris

This option makes various stops as the gulets head east towards Fethiye. Expect days filled with relaxing on board while exploring stops along the way such as Ekincik, Cleopatra’s Bath, Fethiye. the Yassica Islands, and Domuz Island. From Ekincik, there are two shore excursion options that will take you either to Dalyan or Kaunas where you can opt for a river boat trip or a few hours at the pristine Turtle beach where the Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs throughout the summer. Cleopatra’s bath was named after a wedding gift given to Cleopatra from the Roman general, Marc Anthony. The ruins of an ancient hamam still exist in this bay and can be freely explored.

Before turning around to return to Marmaris, this route makes a stop in Fethiye, famous as a mid-size port town with bustling markets, ancient Lycian rock tombs, and a beautiful harbor promenade. Be sure to enjoy a meal at the local fish market where fresh fish of any kind can be prepared to order. On your return to Marmaris, you will have the chance to island hop and explore the natural beauty that the Yassica islands and Domuz island have to offer.

Marmaris to Datca to the Greek Islands

This route combines the highlights of the Datca peninsula with visits to the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes. Making stops at Bozukkale and Bozburun before continuing on to the Datca peninsula, there is endless culture and history to be experienced in this region as Bozukkale is home to the ancient city of Loryma and nine temples that visitors are able to tour. The 50 mile long Datca peninsula is the meeting point for the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Because this pristine area is fairly difficult to reach by land (with many preferring to holiday in the nearby cities of Bodrum and Marmaris), this is a relatively untouched area with stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of hidden coves and beaches, only accessible by boat, and blue cruising is a fabulous way to enjoy this hard to reach places.

After Datca, your gulet will venture into Greek waters towards the Dodecandese Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes. Symi is the perfect place to watch the sunset and be sure to get out your camera while approaching the unique harbor with its 19th century neo-classical houses and pine covered hills. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecandese islands and can be explored in a number of ways. The island boasts a large medieval city and tours from the city center can take you to beautiful spots located all around the 150 mile long coastline. The nightlife in the towns of Rhodes and Lindos are a great way to end your day after exploring historical sights and enjoying a delicious meal on board.

Marmaris to Gocek

This Marmaris Blue Cruise route makes many of the stops you are already familiar with, including Cleopatra’s Bath and the Yassica Islands. However, stops in Gocek, St Nicholas Island, and the 12 Islands are also included on this tour. Gocek is a small port town that has avoided overdevelopment from the tourism of this area. It is a quiet bay and although there is no beach, it is a great spot to anchor and swim from your gulet. If you do decided to ride ashore, there are a few charming shops and restaurants along the waterfront and an evening stroll could be a perfect way to end your day here. St Nicholas Island and the 12 Islands are untouched gems that are perfect for light trekking and snorkeling. St Nicholas Island is also known for its stunning sunsets so be sure to catch one before returning back to Marmaris.

All Gulet Cruise Options to Take from Bodrum

Bodrum is the blue cruising capital of Turkey and many routes can be explored via the fleet of gulet cruises you see filling the harbor. Bodrum is the beginning and end destinations for all of the following routes so be sure to take time to explore the town either before or  after boarding you blue cruise. If your travel plans in Turkey land you in this charming seaside town, be sure to hop on a scheduled or private Blue Cruise to experience the scenery of this exquisite part of the world.Cruises are available for all itineraries and budgets and experienced captains will expertly guide you through these hard to choose from routes. 


For the perfect balance of small seaside coves and ancient ruins, this route through the gulf of Gokova is the perfect choice. Orak Island is the first stop and a well known diving spot in the area. You will find yourself surrounded by smaller boats on day trips with divers exploring the extraordinary underwater scenery. The island is famous for a vertical reef wall descending almost 80 meters. The island is also the perfect place for snorkeling or simply floating around in these crystal clear calm waters.

Your cruise on this route will then meander through the Seven Islands, an ideal place to anchor and explore the natural scenery. Lazy snorkeling and wandering around the preserved islands will fill your day at this stop. Karacasogut Village comes next on this route. Full of even more places to explore for nature lovers, the town center is a close distance to nearby waterfalls, swimming holes, and caves.

North Greek Islands

The Greek island routes are ideal for those seeking to include some of the sights in both Turkey and Greece. Although this route begins in Bodrum, the gulet will pass through the northern Greek islands of this region before returning to Turkey to make a few stops along the turquoise coast. With plenty of time to swim and snorkel in many of the bays in between, this northern route makes stops at the islands of Kos, Pserimos, Xerakampos, Leros, Platanos, Lipsi, Patmos, and Kalymnos before returning to Turkey. There is always plenty of time to explore what each of these islands has to offer. The island of Kos in particular is a highlight along this route, known for its historical sights and sandy beaches. The harbor is dominated by a 15th century castle and will come into clear view as you approach the island.

South Greek Islands

This yet another unique opportunity to explore the culture and scenery of two countries in one relaxing trip. The south Greek island route also includes the island of Kos, but makes additional stops at Nisyros, Symi, and Rhodes before backtracking along the Turkish coast in the direction of Bodrum. This Bodrum Blue Cruise option explores islands known as some of the most population summer destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Nisyros is a volcanic island and is still relatively untouched by tourism. It is a quiet island with quaint cobbled streets and a few local tavernas and bars to enjoy. Symi is just a few miles off of the Turkish coast and is know for the rows of colorful restored homes along the harbor. It is a mountainous island with many small coves and beaches to explore. Panormitis, a small village on the island is famous for monastery that is frequented by Greek tourists.


You can also choose this shorter route which highlights Rhodes and also makes a few stops along the Turkish coast in secluded bays perfect for snorkeling and spending the night.

Rhodes is the largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands and the main city is home to a population of approximately 50,000 people. The old town still maintains World Heritage status and with its cobbled streets and sunny cafes, it is the perfect place for a stroll to take in the sights and local history. From the city of Rhodes, many options for day excursions around the remainder of the island are available. Rhodes boasts 140 miles of coastline with villages and resorts spread all around. The nearby town of Lindos on the island is also worth a visit for its vibrant nightlife.

Top 5 gulet routes starting in Marmaris and all about Turkish gulets

Marmaris is an ideal starting point for a holiday on the water. Heading west down the Datca Peninsula there are the Greek Islands, east heads towards Fethiye while the Island of Rhodes lies fairly close off the Turkish mainland. There is plenty of choice and much will depend upon how long you have to enjoy this great part of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Those deciding to start their holiday in Marmaris have two possible points of entry on the Turkish mainland. Dalaman Airport is east of Marmaris, around 90 minutes away. There are numerous direct flights from many regional airports in Europe and the Middle East. Bodrum’s Airport at Milas is to the north and is a similar distance away.

Taking to the Sea

The immediate vicinity of Marmaris is extremely interesting. Cleopatra Island, a nickname given to Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gokova, has Greek and Roman ruins. It has a great beach with the sand seemingly brought by Mark Anthony for the pleasure of his Egyptian lover, Cleopatra. It’s a great place to spend some time. Cennet (‘’paradise’’ in Turkish) Island is another place to visit. Marmaris Gulet Cruises are really ideal for doing this because the Island is only accessible by sea even though it is not actually an island.

Nearby there are resorts that attract visitors on a gulet; Icmeler, Turunc, Gokova are worth a visit while plans have recently been announced to build what will be the biggest yacht in the world at Bozburun. Its hull will be finished next year although it is not expected to be launched until 2020.

Datca Peninsula

The route west down the Peninsula is stunning. While in some ways the Peninsula looks barren, this is an extremely fertile area and many would argue that Datca tomatoes compare favourably with any in the world. There is a host of places to drop anchor to swim or fish and diving into the warm sea each morning is a great way to wake up to a new day. Even though every passenger will have a cabin it is great fun to sleep on deck.

Four Days East

The journey from Marmaris to Fethiye is difficult to beat. A relaxing few days on a gulet offers beautiful bays such as Ekincik, the protected Iztuzu Beach and the Lycian rock tombs of Dalyan before the many islands off Gocek and Fethiye. There are great beaches, quiet coves and guaranteed sun.


A Turkish gulet to the Greek Island of Rhodes is a chance to sample Greece and its people. Locally relations are excellent and it is just a matter of hoisting the Greek flag to get a warm welcome to this island that has so much to offer the visitor.

Once you experience a gulet holiday out of Marmaris you are likely to want to come back for more. As you can see there is plenty of choice.

Blue cruise to Rhodes: Best beaches and Top Attractions

The warm and calm seas of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast are ideal for cruising. There are many alternatives from which you can choose and one of the most popular is to move between Turkey and Greece where local relations between the two countries are excellent. The inhabited islands off the Turkish Coast are all Greek but that does not detract from what is certain to be a great relaxing holiday.

Greece Turkey Blue Cruises allow passenger to get a flavour of both countries and one of the most popular cruises takes in the island of Rhodes that offers so much. The Colossus, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, has long gone but the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is just one of the many things to enjoy.

History and Culture

You will certainly enjoy walking around the Old Town though if you are holidaying in the middle of summer ensure you have plenty of water and your head is covered. If you have been cruising for a while before going ashore at Rhodes Town you will have realised that the sun can be intense.

The highlights of the island are:

  • Palace of Grand Master of Knights (Rhodes Town)
  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes where you can see many exhibits from the time when the Crusaders lived on the Island.
  • Kahal Kadosh Shalom Synagogue which is now a museum as well.
  • The ruins at Lindos with the Acropolis probably the major attraction.
  • Monastery Tsambika (Kolimbia)
  • The Church of the Panagia (Lindos)
  • Church of Our Lady of Filerimos (Rhodes Town)

The Island’s Beaches

There are several beaches on the island and those cruising around its extensive coastline can stop at any of them or anywhere else for that matter.

  • St Pauls Bay is close to Lindos
  • Lindos has its own beach and plenty of evening entertainment if you want a night ashore.
  • Tsambika is a great sandy beach
  • Anthony Quinn Bay in Faliraki ensures that the film ‘Zorba the Greek’ endures in everyone’s memory though of course Quinn was a Mexican.
  • Agathi Beach is particularly good for those that enjoy snorkelling.
  • Pefkos Beach is ideal for those staying in the resort of the same name.

And there’s more!

If you are enjoying Luxury gulets on your Turkey holidays you will enjoy the meals provided on board. Everything is fresh with the chance of catching fish for the evening BBQ. You won’t go hungry if you don’t catch anything but an experienced crew can usually guarantee something.

Rhodes has plenty of good restaurants and if you want to get a flavour of how the Greeks use the region’s wonderful fresh produce there is nothing to stop you going ashore for an evening meal before returning to your gulet.

Day by Day Olympos to Fethiye Cruise

Those wishing to combine the pleasures of sailing in crystal blue seas with a little history and culture need look no further than the stretch of Turkey’s Coast between Kemer and Fethiye. Just south west of Kemer there are the ruins of an ancient Lycian City, Olympos, in what has now become a National Park.


Olympos is close to the modern town of Cirali and is thought to date back to the 4th Century BC. It has had a rich history; Lycian, Roman, sundry pirates as well as Italian traders (Venetian and Genoese) before the whole region became part of the Ottoman Empire.

While the ruins are fairly overgrown they are worth seeing especially the sarcophagus which is the main evidence of the date of the city. Just above Cirali there is the Chimera, flames coming out of the rocks with no apparent fuel source. The flames are thought to have burnt constantly for thousands of years and are especially spectacular at night.

Heading West

Olympos Blue Voyages then continue on with the option of stopping at several interesting places as well as simply somewhere quiet to swim or sunbathe.

  • The modern town of Demre is the original site of the ancient city of Myra, the home of St. Nicholas, the origin of today’s Father Christmas. Myra retains some importance for pilgrims to this day.
  • Kas which has become a very popular diving centre with several interesting sites close by. It is a bustling little tourist town which is well worth exploring.
  • The Greek Island of Meis, just a short distance offshore from Kas where you might like to drop anchor and enjoy lunch on the harbour. You captain merely needs to raise the Greek flag as you enter and you will be more than welcome.
  • Kalkan, a small town with a harbour that sits below the mountains. The view from the top are spectacular but take a taxi; the walk will be steep.
  • Patara beach which is a stunning stretch of beach just west of Kalkan.
  • Fethiye and the surrounding area

    If you take a Blue Voyage Turkey then you can explore the immediate vicinity of Fethiye. That includes:

    • Butterfly Valley which is best accessed from the sea. In the weeks of summer there are many species of butterfly and moth in a beautiful green canyon setting.
    • The Blue Lagoon is one of the most photographed places on the Turquoise Coast.
    • Tersane Island has been deserted since the Greeks left when the Turkish Republic was announced in 1923; a last chance to swim before arriving in Fethiye.

    Fethiye itself is a growing town, full of bars, restaurants, shopping as well as history. It is well worth a little of your time before you head for the airport and home.

Reasons why Bodrum is best blue cruise destination in Turkey

There are few nicer places to cruise in crystal clear warm waters than in the Eastern Mediterranean. The region commonly referred to as the Eastern Mediterranean includes the Aegean and its Greek Islands. There are regular direct flights into Bodrum in South West Turkey from most regions of Europe and the Middle East. It is just a short step to climb aboard one of the Blue Cruises from Bodrum to enjoy a relaxing holiday, swimming, catching the sun and savouring the fine cuisine.

 Bodrum Town

There is no need to hurry. The whole point of a holiday is to relax and your port of embarkation has much to enjoy before you set sail. Bodrum’s history dates back centuries; it was a village settlement in the 5th Century BC and an ancient Greek City where one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Mausolus once stood in the harbour. It is long gone but that does not mean that there are no examples of the history and culture of the region worth visiting. The Castle is an obvious example. It was built in the 15th Century from much of the stone from the Mausoleum by the Knights Hospitaller who ultimately surrendered as the Ottoman Empire was founded. However it remains one of the finest examples of Crusader Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Climb Aboard

When you take a Blue Cruise you are guaranteed an experienced crew that not only know the waters well but they will happily cater for your every need. There are some obvious places that you may want to visit. Forget the stories about Turkey and Greek relations at government level. There is no animosity between the countries at local level and the nearby Greek island of Kos is a chance to experience a little of Greek life during your holiday. The Island is very close and all your captain will do as you approach is to raise a Greek flag and you will be very welcome.

The Delightful Environment

One of the prime reasons for enjoying a holiday on a charter is the Ability to explore areas away from other tourists. There are quiet coves and beaches on this peninsula even in the height of summer. You can decide when you want to stop for a swim and even fish for the evening’s barbeque. Meals are a delight. The fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and live oil from the Turkish mainland ensure you will enjoy healthy and tasty food, perhaps washed down with a beer or glass of wine?  Your captain will happily sail to different parts of the peninsula as you wish:

  • Gumusluk has grown from a fishing village to a small town which has an annual music festival. It has attracted sculptors and artists whose work you might like to investigate.
  • The Saturday market in Turgutreis is atmospheric; a chance to stock up on fruit and vegetables as well as barter for local crafts.
  • Bitez Beach is just one of many on the Peninsula.
  • Yalikavak is a deep marina where you might like to drop anchor.

Once you decide on a sailing holiday in these wonderful seas you are guaranteed a holiday to remember. Many have enjoyed such an experience before and will do again.

Top 10 Reasons to Do a Blue Cruise in Fethiye

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has become increasingly popular with sailors in recent years and even those who have never had a holiday on the waves before have begun to realise the joys of such a relaxing holiday. There is no need for any expertise because the yachts and gulets that sail out of Fethiye harbour every day come with an experienced captain and crew intent on ensuring their passengers have an unforgettable holiday.

10 Compelling Reasons

Why a Fethiye Blue Cruise you may say?

  • There are a host of attractions just minutes away. Even as you leave the harbour you will immediately begin to see the attraction of sailing in these waters.
  • Tersane Island is a popular place to enjoy your first swim, and you last at the end of the trip. It was once an inhabited island but no one lives there full time anymore after the Greeks left when the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923.
  • ‘’12 Islands’’ is a popular day trip for those staying on dry land; there are plenty of spots for swimming and even in high season there are never too many people around  such are the alternatives.
  • Butterfly Valley is close by, best accessed from the sea. In the height of summer there are many different species of butterfly and moth in this delightful natural valley.
  • The Blue Lagoon and Oludeniz Beach are among the most photographed places in the whole of Turkey.
  • Quiet Coves and Beaches abound when you head either east or west out of Fethiye.
  • Guaranteed climate. Summers are hot with warm nights and rarely a cloud in the sky. Spring and autumn are extremely pleasant and a sun tan takes little effort.
  • Warm, crystal blue seas that entice you to dive in. There are rarely waves of any consequence and any wind is warm and gentle.
  • Great cuisine. Your boat can stop wherever you wish with obvious places to restock on the fresh fruit and vegetables for which the region is famous. Perhaps you can fish for your dinner as well? Red mullet are common in the waters and extremely tasty from the BBQ.
    • Plentiful flights. Dalaman Airport is about 45 minutes away. There are direct flights to many regions of Europe and the Middle East as well as domestic connections with Ankara and Istanbul.

    Fethiye as a Base

    Fethiye has grown enormously in recent years to become the largest town in this part of the coastline. It has all the facilities that holiday makers would expect, accommodation, bars, restaurants and shops. Those booking a Blue Cruisewill find everything they might need for their trip as well as the souvenirs of Turkey before they finally return home.

Best beaches, bays and gulet cruise routes from Kas

The small town of Kas that sits on the coast below the Akdaglar Mountains in South West Turkey has rightly gained a reputation amongst divers as a town to head for. Kas has always had a small harbour but in recent years a new marina area has been constructed to cater for the increased numbers heading for this part of Turkey. They are never disappointed.

Fancy a Dive?

Kas is equidistant between two international airports. Dalaman is to the west with the coastal road hugging the coast from Kalkan onwards. Antalya is east of Kas with the road once again largely tracking the shape of the coastline. The road trip is worth it in itself before tourists reach Kas to start their holiday on the sea.

While diving is not part of a regular charter cruise facility that does not mean that you cannot arrange a day’s diving with one of the local scuba diving companies. Others on the cruise may decide to just lie in a quiet bay and do absolutely nothing. What better way to relax!

Kalkan and Patara West

Cruise Routes from Kas heading west along the coast offer passengers plenty of chance to relax but also to swim and even fish for dinner. There are a series of small bays and coves all the way to the next town, Kalkan which has a small harbour and which is a good place for stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables.

There is not much in the way of sandy beaches on this stretch but fear not; Patara has a long and beautiful beach and is situated just a short distance further.

Demre and Myra East

Eastwards towards Antalya there is plenty of history and culture to enjoy as well as the obvious attraction of the climate and the sea. The region has been prominent since the time of the Lycians who lived here in the years before Christ. Demre is the modern town on the site of Myra, the original Lycian city which was the home of Saint Nicholas who is widely known these days as ‘Father Christmas.’

It is an obvious port of call on a Blue Cruise Turkey. Despite the mountains immediately behind this is a very fertile area that can provide your captain with all the things he will need to provide you with three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pomegranates are particularly good here but it is an autumn harvest so you may miss out. However there are plenty of other fruit and vegetables and even greenhouses to extend the season for such things. The choice of where you drop anchor is yours with plenty of advice coming from an experienced crew.